Finished the Car Seat Poncho!

This pattern was a really quick sew. I was able to sew it all together in one night with both kids running around so that in itself gives this pattern a gold star in my book. Just in case you don’t want to go back to the first post the tutorial I used for my car seat poncho can be found on this blog right here!

In the original tutorial, she used a linen front and a fleece inside. Since I didn’t do that I just cut two circles of the exact same size. I pinned my circles so that the right sides were facing each other. I sewed around the whole outside of my circle with a straight stitch and then went back over and did a zigzag a little below the straight stitch. That extra zigzag stitch probably wasn’t necessary but my kids always seem to be super rough on things so I did it as an extra precaution. Yes, my pins are vertical and not horizontal but I never sew over pins so it’s just there to hold fabric.


After sewing the outside I cut the hole in the middle for the hood I flipped the whole thing right side out again with all the seams on the inside. Then I sewed a straight stitch around the bottom edge of the circle to give it a more finished look. I took the two 18 inch squares that I had cut for the hood and folded them in half and I used a pattern piece I already had cut out last year for some child size fleece robes. I used a size 7 I believe. I folded the fabric in half and put the back edge of the hood pattern piece on the fold. That would be the side closes to the sewing machine. I cut around the pattern piece but didn’t cut through the fold.


I already had the two 18 inch squares cut out from the original pattern so I also did the hood with a double thickness of fleece. Once again I sewed the right sides together lining up the middle seam of my hood. I sewed around the front edge and then flipped the whole thing right side out. I sewed the hood only to the outside lining of fleece and then took the inside black lining and lifted it up and covered all the hood seams. I just stitched this without turning it under or anything the main purpose of this was to cover the bulky seam so my little one wouldn’t complain because the seam was itching him.



My Little loves it and really enjoys spinning around in it. I would say that this pattern is easy to moderate sew. The sewing part is the easiest bit of this the hardest part for me was cutting out the circle. I have dedicated fabric scissors and they did not want to cut through all the layers of fleece that I ended up with after all the folding. My circle ended up more oblong than circle but I still like how it turned out. All the rest of the sewing was pretty easy and straightforward. If you need any clarification on anything I did please comment below.



Author: sillahbonetime

Stay at home mom of two boys. I enjoy baking, sewing, reading, and knitting...not always in that order.

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