New Year’s Resolutions

I am not usually big into New Year’s resolutions especially ones that are of the life-changing variety: lose weight, stop smoking, no sugar. These are usually short-lived and to me just pointless to make. My resolutions are usually of the crafting or family life variety: make more things, going on a family trip, paint the house. So not really a resolution per se but a goal for myself for the year. I always try to make the next year better than the last, which I am sure most people do. Anyways, my 2018 crafting goals are:

  1. Sew my first bra. I’ve been meaning to do this forever. I bought a kit and a craftsy class and the only thing really holding me back is fear of messing up terribly. I just need to keep reminding myself that it’s only fabric and I can always buy a new kit.
  2. Knit me a sweater. I’ve also been putting this off for a while being of the plus size variety that thought of putting all the time into knitting a sweater and not having it fit at the end is really putting me off. I did make myself a cardigan last year and loved it but it did turn out bigger than I thought it would. Gauge measurement is always a must…need to remember that too.
  3. Sew some leggings. I’ve been sewing with knits for a while. Mostly for the boys if we are going, to be honest. I love sewing with knits but hardly make anything for myself. I have really been wanting leggings. I have the Pattern for Pirates legging pattern which is free on their website (along with other goodies).
  4. Get more comfortable with other fabrics. I knit with cotton wovens and knits and that’s about it. I would love to make something silky or flowy and I bought some double gauze fabric I have no clue what to do with but would love to use up.
  5. Paint something. I use to paint all the time but painting has really taken a back burner lately. I have all these canvases that stare at me every time I go in my closet. I would love to have a minute to just be able to paint something.

That’s really all I can think of. Basically, I want to test out some new skills and try things I’ve been too nervous or scared to try. I really need to get over the fear of “ruining” fabric by sewing something up with it and having it not be perfect. Do you have any crafting goals for the new year? Post them down below.

Author: sillahbonetime

Stay at home mom of two boys. I enjoy baking, sewing, reading, and knitting...not always in that order.

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