Christmas Pajamas in the Nick of Time

I always make everyone some new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. I have only been doing that for a couple of years but it’s one of those traditions that I really enjoy. Now that the boys are older, I let them pick out their own fabric and buttons and sometimes you can end up with a pretty silly looking garment but they love it so I try to bite my tongue when they pick things that do not look good together.

This year I decided to try out a new pattern. The eldest boy wanted a button up shirt for his pajama top and I couldn’t find one I liked through the big pattern companies that would actually fit him and his little brother. After searching I found a nice indie company that had sizes that would fit my eldest and youngest, matching pajamas! So I went with the company Sew A Little Seam. The pattern I used was the  Holiday Night Pajamas the chest sizes go from 19” to 30” which was great because it was exactly what I needed. It also had piping which I thought added that extra something special. I’ve never done piping so I was excited to try it out.

I went with flannel for the pajamas and both boys picked out camouflage colored flannel. One had a lighter green background and the other had a dark olive green background. I picked a nice green color for the piping. I made sure I bought a half yard extra of each color because I always like to overestimate what I might need. Somehow this time that didn’t work out and I was to short on fabric! Luckily I had bought the contrast fabric because I ended up using it to cut the remaining pieces that I wasn’t able to cut for the main fabric print. So I had to sacrifice my piping which made me so sad. I know it’s silly but I was really looking forward to the piping. Here’s what the pajama tops looked like with the contrast fabrics. 20171222_193045.jpg

You can see how much fabric I was missing. All the solid green was supposed to be camouflaged fabric. I don’t think it turned out terribly or anything I just can’t believe how short I was on fabric. I couldn’t find my receipt to see how much I bought to make sure it was cut correctly but from now on with flannel, I am buying a yard extra…just in case. Next year the pajamas must have piping!

I also added these iron-on tags to the back of each pair of pants. The boys are constantly putting their momma made items on backward so I am hoping that these tags stop that. This is actually a free template from Patterns for Pirates she has tons of great patterns on her site and I love the Jolly Roger Raglan for the boys. That is my go-to t-shirt pattern for them. Anyways, the template can be found here I used a friends Cricut machine to cut these out but I believe you can use a printer to make these too. In case you are wondering all the orange marking on everything is actually Crayola super washable markers. I use them to mark up all my sewing patterns and I haven’t sewn a fabric yet that they didn’t wash out of. 20171224_145533.jpg

Here are my boys modeling their finished pajamas on Christmas Eve. The blue buttons were picked by each boy. I know they look silly but what can you do.


Author: sillahbonetime

Stay at home mom of two boys. I enjoy baking, sewing, reading, and knitting...not always in that order.

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