Clownfish Blanket that almost broke me.

My youngest is obsessed with Nemo. We have Nemo toys, bedding, clothes…his love for that little clownfish is strong. I knew I wanted to make him a clownfish blanket and I first came across this knitted version here. It was perfect! I planned on making it for Christmas but like most things, it kept getting put on the back burner and suddenly it was November and time had run out to knit him a blanket.

I quickly came up the idea that I would just sew one. How hard could it be to just wing a pattern and get this done? Harder than I thought. I quickly sketched out what I wanted it to look like. Took some quick measurements of my kid and started my adventure.


I ended up cutting the black part of the stripes and sewing them into tubes. Each stripe had two black stripes and of course, I put stripes on the back because I am full of crazy so I had 12 tubes that I had to turn right side out. All I had to turn these tubes was a safety pin…that’s it. I ended up with blisters on my thumb and I have since learned that they make a handy little tool that makes turning tubes right side out much easier. Wish I would have know that earlier. 20171207_134349.jpg

I made the back slighter larger than the front because I originally planned to cut a slit in the back to make it easier to get into and out of. I never actually got around to cutting the slit and I figured when my son gets a little bigger and it gets harder to use than I will cut it because honestly, I was sick of sewing this toward the end.


This is a picture of all the fins (tiny and regular) and the tail. I had the hardest time attaching the tail to the body of the blanket. I am sure there was probably an easier way to do it but I did it the way that ended up snapping two sewing needles so I am guessing it was the wrong way. I did get it attached though.



Not the best picture but he loves it. He’s swimming in the picture as I am sure you can tell. It was the very first present he opened on Christmas day and he instantly had to crawl inside of it to test it out. I wish the stripes looked better but he really doesn’t care about that. He now sleeps with his fishy blanket every night and that always makes a sewing mama’s heart melt. Worth it.


Author: sillahbonetime

Stay at home mom of two boys. I enjoy baking, sewing, reading, and knitting...not always in that order.

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