Finished Nathalie.

I finished this up a while ago but getting a decent finished picture proved to be difficult. I asked my husband to take some pictures and they all looked terrible, then my seven years old asked to take the pictures and none of those worked either. I decided to take some of myself and they all looked strange and I gave up. I really need to invest in a full-length mirror. That would make taking pictures of finished makes so much easier.

The 146-1 Nathalie is a free pattern from Drops Designs. I thought it was a fairly easy, straightforward pattern. I haven’t knit a lot of adult garments and I didn’t think the instructions were confusing or hard. (There is a ton and ton of seaming.)I know a lot of people hate Drops patterns but I think you just need to take the time and read through it first and make notes in spots you find confusing.

I put off the seaming of the arms because I find it really tedious but it was all worth the extra work. I really love how it turned out. It is a little tight in my arms but nothing too extreme. I made the XXL size and it fits everywhere but the arms. I know I probably said all of this in my last post about my in-progress Nathalie but I really don’t think anyone should be scared to attempt a Drops Design pattern. They have so many pretty designs and they are all free! It took me one month and a day to finish this up. Working with worsted weight yarn makes a project just fly by. It was also nice to get 17 skeins of yarn out of the stash.


Next time I take a picture I need to remember to clean the kid’s bathroom mirror first.

Oasis Afghan

This is one of my latest sample knits, my very first for Herrschners.

– I am not getting paid for this blog post and none of the links in this blog post are affiliate links this is just something I am wanting to share for free because I am excited I got the opportunity to knit for them. 

This is a super easy pattern that I was able to complete in 11 days. Easy to memorize so it makes for easy tv knitting. It is an afghan kit so when you purchase it you get all the yarn and the pattern, so everything you need beside the needles, to finish the project. If your interested click here and it will take you right to the Oasis Afghan on Herrschners website.

Here is a picture of the finished project before I sent it into Herrschners.


This was my very first time knitting something as big as a blanket for a sample knit. It was such an easy pattern it went a lot faster than I thought it would.