Sewed a shirt for myself, finally!

I finally sewed up my Cashmerette Concord t-shirt. I used a cheap knit fabric that I bought for a couple of bucks from Wal-mart. I think I did a 22 bust graded out to a 28 waist but it been so long since I cut it out that I can’t remember and of course I didn’t write it down. I also remember making a biceps adjustment on it but it still wasn’t big enough because after I finished there was a definite pull on the fabric there. I am pretty happy with the rest of the fit so now I just need to make adjustments to my arm pattern pieces and try again. I was thinking of just cutting the arms off this practice one and sewing new ones on but haven’t decided yet. I can’t really wear it as is and I have extra fabric left over.

I need to buy a notebook to start keeping track of the sizes I cut out for different patterns. I keep saying I am going to do it but I always forget.

Here is a picture of me just finishing up. It’s a bathroom picture because it’s the only big mirror really in the house. I am also wearing my pajamas. The official outfit for sewing. The line down the front is also a washable marker. I use it to mark all my patterns.


Big and Little and Pikachu.

I finished the boy’s shirts a few weeks ago it has just taken me forever to get a post up about them. Between days off and sickness sewing and blogging has been on the back burner. Of course, after sewing them all up both boys went through a growth spurt. The shirts still fit but they won’t for much longer. The bad part is I have another shirt for both of them already cut out in the old size. Live and learn I guess. It won’t stop me from pre-cutting large amounts of patterns before sewing but hopefully next time I do that I can actually get the time to sew them all up before a new growth spurt happens.


I used the Pattern for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan for both shirts.  Big wanted long sleeves with thumb cuffs and banded hem. It also has a lined hood and inseam pockets. 20180127_140440(0).jpg

For Little, I did short sleeves with a banded hem. He also had a lined hood and a kangaroo pocket.

The Jolly Roger Raglan is a great beginner project for sewing with knit fabric. It was the very first pattern I used and the first shirt actually looked like a shirt! She gives you great step by step directions in all her patterns. If you are on the fence about sewing with knit you should definitely give it a try.

Second worse part of sewing.

Ripping things out! I was busy sewing along trying to finish my eldest sons Pikachu shirt because he is supposed to play in a Pokemon tournament this weekend. In my hurry to finish it in time I sewed the bottom band on backward. The big seam was right in the middle of the front of the shirt. So seam ripper to the rescue and now I am back on track and will hopefully get this shirt finished in time. 20180125_155617.jpg20180125_160430.jpg

The pattern I am using is Jolly Roger Raglan with the add-on pack. You can’t really tell but it has inseam pockets, thumbhole cuffs, and a lined hood when I am all done. I can’t remember where I purchased the fabric but I did get it on a great sale because the red on the cheeks and mouth didn’t line up correctly and it’s slightly fuzzy. It was considered flawed fabric so I bought it really cheap. The solid colors were bought at Purpleseamstress Fabric it’s where I buy almost all of my solid colored knits.

The worse part of sewing…

I’ve been cutting out patterns and projects for the past week and a half. The longest week and a half ever! I ended up cutting a total of 6 projects and I was hoping to get 2 cut out a day but of course, that didn’t happen. Between snow days and sick kids, it was hard getting everything done. It’s also a pain because I have to use my dining room table to cut and I also use that to serve dinner so every dinner time I have to pick up and move everything off the table so it can be used for dinner. Really wish I had a dedicated place for cutting out patterns and fabric that would make life so much easier!

I am trying a few new to me patterns like the Lumberjack shirt from Pattern for Pirates and the Concord t-shirt from Cashmerette. I’ve been looking for a nice and easy button-up shirt pattern so I am hoping that the Lumberjack shirt is just that. I have also been trying to make more things for myself but I always find it’s a  harder task with my plus size pear shaped body. Cashmerette are all patterns for curvy girls. I’ve made her Appleton Wrap Dress before and I loved how it turned out. It’s not finished yet, mainly because I ran into a fabric problem but hopefully I will get that squared away this year. I really want to wear it.20180120_165149.jpg

The dino fabric was made into one of the Lumberjack shirts. I also did my first attempt at pattern matching with this so fingers crossed I did it right.


Even though I feel like cutting out fabric is the worse part and I hate doing it, I love doing it in bulk like this. With young kids and little time, it’s nice to be able to just pick up a project and go whenever I have a spare minute or two.

Can’t wait to get sewing!

Clownfish Blanket that almost broke me.

My youngest is obsessed with Nemo. We have Nemo toys, bedding, clothes…his love for that little clownfish is strong. I knew I wanted to make him a clownfish blanket and I first came across this knitted version here. It was perfect! I planned on making it for Christmas but like most things, it kept getting put on the back burner and suddenly it was November and time had run out to knit him a blanket.

I quickly came up the idea that I would just sew one. How hard could it be to just wing a pattern and get this done? Harder than I thought. I quickly sketched out what I wanted it to look like. Took some quick measurements of my kid and started my adventure.


I ended up cutting the black part of the stripes and sewing them into tubes. Each stripe had two black stripes and of course, I put stripes on the back because I am full of crazy so I had 12 tubes that I had to turn right side out. All I had to turn these tubes was a safety pin…that’s it. I ended up with blisters on my thumb and I have since learned that they make a handy little tool that makes turning tubes right side out much easier. Wish I would have know that earlier. 20171207_134349.jpg

I made the back slighter larger than the front because I originally planned to cut a slit in the back to make it easier to get into and out of. I never actually got around to cutting the slit and I figured when my son gets a little bigger and it gets harder to use than I will cut it because honestly, I was sick of sewing this toward the end.


This is a picture of all the fins (tiny and regular) and the tail. I had the hardest time attaching the tail to the body of the blanket. I am sure there was probably an easier way to do it but I did it the way that ended up snapping two sewing needles so I am guessing it was the wrong way. I did get it attached though.



Not the best picture but he loves it. He’s swimming in the picture as I am sure you can tell. It was the very first present he opened on Christmas day and he instantly had to crawl inside of it to test it out. I wish the stripes looked better but he really doesn’t care about that. He now sleeps with his fishy blanket every night and that always makes a sewing mama’s heart melt. Worth it.


Christmas Pajamas in the Nick of Time

I always make everyone some new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. I have only been doing that for a couple of years but it’s one of those traditions that I really enjoy. Now that the boys are older, I let them pick out their own fabric and buttons and sometimes you can end up with a pretty silly looking garment but they love it so I try to bite my tongue when they pick things that do not look good together.

This year I decided to try out a new pattern. The eldest boy wanted a button up shirt for his pajama top and I couldn’t find one I liked through the big pattern companies that would actually fit him and his little brother. After searching I found a nice indie company that had sizes that would fit my eldest and youngest, matching pajamas! So I went with the company Sew A Little Seam. The pattern I used was the  Holiday Night Pajamas the chest sizes go from 19” to 30” which was great because it was exactly what I needed. It also had piping which I thought added that extra something special. I’ve never done piping so I was excited to try it out.

I went with flannel for the pajamas and both boys picked out camouflage colored flannel. One had a lighter green background and the other had a dark olive green background. I picked a nice green color for the piping. I made sure I bought a half yard extra of each color because I always like to overestimate what I might need. Somehow this time that didn’t work out and I was to short on fabric! Luckily I had bought the contrast fabric because I ended up using it to cut the remaining pieces that I wasn’t able to cut for the main fabric print. So I had to sacrifice my piping which made me so sad. I know it’s silly but I was really looking forward to the piping. Here’s what the pajama tops looked like with the contrast fabrics. 20171222_193045.jpg

You can see how much fabric I was missing. All the solid green was supposed to be camouflaged fabric. I don’t think it turned out terribly or anything I just can’t believe how short I was on fabric. I couldn’t find my receipt to see how much I bought to make sure it was cut correctly but from now on with flannel, I am buying a yard extra…just in case. Next year the pajamas must have piping!

I also added these iron-on tags to the back of each pair of pants. The boys are constantly putting their momma made items on backward so I am hoping that these tags stop that. This is actually a free template from Patterns for Pirates she has tons of great patterns on her site and I love the Jolly Roger Raglan for the boys. That is my go-to t-shirt pattern for them. Anyways, the template can be found here I used a friends Cricut machine to cut these out but I believe you can use a printer to make these too. In case you are wondering all the orange marking on everything is actually Crayola super washable markers. I use them to mark up all my sewing patterns and I haven’t sewn a fabric yet that they didn’t wash out of. 20171224_145533.jpg

Here are my boys modeling their finished pajamas on Christmas Eve. The blue buttons were picked by each boy. I know they look silly but what can you do.


New Year’s Resolutions

I am not usually big into New Year’s resolutions especially ones that are of the life-changing variety: lose weight, stop smoking, no sugar. These are usually short-lived and to me just pointless to make. My resolutions are usually of the crafting or family life variety: make more things, going on a family trip, paint the house. So not really a resolution per se but a goal for myself for the year. I always try to make the next year better than the last, which I am sure most people do. Anyways, my 2018 crafting goals are:

  1. Sew my first bra. I’ve been meaning to do this forever. I bought a kit and a craftsy class and the only thing really holding me back is fear of messing up terribly. I just need to keep reminding myself that it’s only fabric and I can always buy a new kit.
  2. Knit me a sweater. I’ve also been putting this off for a while being of the plus size variety that thought of putting all the time into knitting a sweater and not having it fit at the end is really putting me off. I did make myself a cardigan last year and loved it but it did turn out bigger than I thought it would. Gauge measurement is always a must…need to remember that too.
  3. Sew some leggings. I’ve been sewing with knits for a while. Mostly for the boys if we are going, to be honest. I love sewing with knits but hardly make anything for myself. I have really been wanting leggings. I have the Pattern for Pirates legging pattern which is free on their website (along with other goodies).
  4. Get more comfortable with other fabrics. I knit with cotton wovens and knits and that’s about it. I would love to make something silky or flowy and I bought some double gauze fabric I have no clue what to do with but would love to use up.
  5. Paint something. I use to paint all the time but painting has really taken a back burner lately. I have all these canvases that stare at me every time I go in my closet. I would love to have a minute to just be able to paint something.

That’s really all I can think of. Basically, I want to test out some new skills and try things I’ve been too nervous or scared to try. I really need to get over the fear of “ruining” fabric by sewing something up with it and having it not be perfect. Do you have any crafting goals for the new year? Post them down below.