Cloud mittens are done.

I finished them…finally! I started and finished so many little projects in the middle of knitting these it was crazy. For some reason, after the wool arrived I just didn’t have the energy to finish the project. They sat forever with only half a mitten and two thumbs that needed to be knit up on them. Of course, all my procrastination means I finally have a pair of lovely soft as a newborn kitten filled mittens with no snow or cold to actually use them. The story of my life. But hey I now have amazing cloud filled mittens for next winter. Also, I think they are super pretty and I might have enough left over roving to make myself another pair…which is exactly what I thought last time and I totally didn’t but this time will be different I am sure. Behold them in all their loveliness and ignore the mistake on the thumb, it just makes them extra unique.


A link to the mitten pattern I used can be found here.

Found a sweater to knit…maybe?

So I know back in my New Year’s Resolutions post I talked about knitting a sweater. I was talking to a friend and she told me that I had actually already knit a sweater. I personally didn’t classify the garment I knit as a sweater because it was full of holes and you had to wear it with something under it. To me, it was a like a vest or a poncho. It just wasn’t sweater material to me. The garment in question is a DROPS design pattern called Wonderful Iris.


To me, that is definitely not a sweater. The more I look at it the more I see poncho. What do you guys think? I found a pattern that I love but could also be categorized into the “not a real sweater” category. When I think sweater I usually think wool but this is made with linen. I was actually thinking of going for a linen and cotton blend since I heard that linen can be a little hard on your hands to knit with. The “sweater” in question is Black is Back I think it might be more shirt than a sweater but I really love it. I would be knitting it in a purple color because I love purple I was thinking of using Willow Yarns Feather in Purple Martin. I really like that the pattern gives you hip measurements since I am mostly pear-shaped and had no clue how to go about making something bigger to accommodate my stomach and hips. I feel like it would give me a good jumping off point in learning how to knit something that will actually fit me. I think after I tackle this I might try the Flax Light that’s another pattern that has been on my “to knit” list for forever.

Wooly mail!

My roving arrived for my mittens! It’s not the same wool I used last time but it will work for what I need. I wasn’t exactly sure what I had ordered but now that I have the new stuff here I realized I ordered superfine merino last time. It was years ago so not too shocking I didn’t remember. I am also not very good at keeping tags for things after I start using it. Not a big deal still loving the colors. The new yarn I chose has some purples in it and I love purples.


So close to being finished but of course I have other projects going on so it will take me forever to finish that tiny bit and the thumbs. If you are looking for the pattern is was posted in my other blog post Mittens full of clouds. It’s a great pattern. Now to finish these and enjoy them before the winter weather is done for this year.


Mittens full of clouds

I love thrummed mittens! If you’ve never heard of or made thrummed mittens they are mittens with little bits of wool knit into the stitches. It makes the insides of the mittens insanely warm and give the outsides this rustic look that I love.


The inside of a thrummed mitten I was working on a few years ago.

A few years ago I made thrummed mittens for everyone. Both boys and my husband and even my Grandma received mittens that Christmas (Grandma mitten in the picture). I had what I thought would be enough left over roving to make myself a pair of mittens and put it up and moved onto other things.

At the beginning of December, I was standing at the bus stop with the kids really wishing I had some thick warm mittens. I finally had a reason to make my mittens and pulled the roving and wool out to get started. It quickly became apparent that I was running out of roving too fast. But still, I knit on.


I was able to knit one whole mitten without a thumb and half of the second before I ran out of roving. I ordered more from WoolGathering they didn’t have the exact colors I had before but I found something close enough that I am happy with it. If buying roving for thrummed mittens make sure to use 100% wool because you want it to felt inside. I am using the pattern Thrummed Mittens which is a great pattern because you get all the sizes in one pattern from child to men’s size. So these mittens are now in a holding pattern waiting for the roving to arrive.